Saturday, September 22, 2012

Momoko Products

I have been dying to have  Japanese makeup and cosmetics products in my collection. And I finally do.
Last week I order off of a website and the sell the brands I wanted. And some of the brands are Canmake, Dolly Wink, Majolica Majorca, and so much more.
So I had bought:
     • CANMAKE Perfect BLACK Eyeliner
     • Koji Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka Pencil Eyeliner in Black
     • Look at by Etude House in CBE101
     • Eyelashes by Jealousness in
             • JS-733
             • JS-732
             • JS-718
    • Magic girls Whitening BB Cream SPF40/PA++ by baviphat
All of these products are so cute. I absolutely love the packaging its girly but not to girly at the same time. If that makes sense.
The only product I have used so far is my Etude House nail polish. It's a very pretty Spring time yellow. I decided to use my two Etude House nail polishes together and thought that they complimented each.other very well. I had to use two coats of the CBE101 because its a very light color. And I used a very light coat of my OR207. It is a very shear orange and it kind of looks like I have an Easter egg on my nails. But I like the colors alot together.
Ever since I had gotten into Asian cosmetics, I have been dying to have a CANMAKE product and my eyeliner made me so happy. It is liquid and black. The brush is also very nice. It goes on very thin but it us easier to work with.
I havent used my Dolly Wink eyeliner yet, but I'll do a proper review later for you guys.
I haven't used my eyelashes either but I will soon.
Now for the BB Cream. I got it in #1 Light Beige. It is my first time using baviphat BB Cream. I goes on very well also.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday OOTD and Makeup

So I'm just like any normal student, I don't Mondays. But I decided to cutes up my Monday outfit.

So I'm wearing jean capris, a black vintage tank top, a grey and black Rockstar hoodie and black Converse.

For my makeup I used Lioele Dollish BB Cream in purple, Almay Smokey Eye set for blue eyes, black eyeliner, and Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I had a great day at the Ren Fest with my Aunt Katee and my mom. And I want to thank you Aunt Katee for the awesome bracelet.
Now after my aunt left, I decided to bumb it in sweats and a tee. And decided it was the perfect time to start doing OOTD. And this is my first Outfit Of The Day.
I'm wearing grey Joe Boxer sweat pants. And a hand made 2PM tee.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today I got my first SKIN79 sample in the mail. The sample I got is THE ORIENTAL BB, Gold BB Cream Plus; UV Interception SPF30 PA++.

It came in a really pretty gold box and it also has a cute little chain so you can clip it onto stuff.

And it has a really floral scent, which I don't mind.

I don't no if you can see it, but I put it on top of writing I had on my arm. And it darkened the skin around and on it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


My favorite time of the year, besides Christmas, is Autumn. I love the smells, the leaves changing colors and I really love when Starbucks had their pumpkin drinks and treats.

I have always been a huge fan of Halloween and all of the spookiness. But I really love that I can wear jeans and hoodies or jeans and a cute sweater and not get hot.

Another must have is shoes. During the Winter and Autumn seasons, I like booties. They are so cute and they work really well for me because I love wedges and pumps but the wedges hurt my feet less for some reason. 

I will openly admit that I am a Pumpkin fanatic. I love pumpkin drinks, pumpkin ice cream, pretty much anything pumpkin this time of year. One of my favorites is the Pumpkin Frap from Starbucks. His drink is seriously amazing. The pumpkin drinks from Sheetz is pretty good also.

I really like to wear bold statement makeup and jewelry, but I like to use blacks and purples and even some orange this time of year. I don't no why, but it works.

When I shop during the Autumn season, I like to look for cute sweaters and jeans and of course the perfect shoes and jewelry. I like having the cute but edgey feel. And this is the time of year when I dye my hair darker and get rid of the bright blonde it is now.

I hope you guys enjoy Autumn as much as I do.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I felt like doing my little cousins nails today. I used nail tips as nails, green nail polish and white and orange glitter. It took a total of 6 coats of top coat to get the glitter to stay on.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lioele Samples

I was so excited to look in the mail this week, because I knew these were coming. I had ordered products from Lioele and I got 16 samples.

The products that I bought were 4 facial sheet masks. The website at which I bought these was:

The samples that Igot are:

1. Two samples of Lioele Beyond the solution BB Cream.
2. Two samples of Lioele Triple the solution BB Cream.
3. Two samples of Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm.
4. Two samples of Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB, SPF25/PA++.
5. One sample of Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream.
6. Two samples of Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack.
7. Two samples of Lioele Daily Soothing Essence Sun, SPF30/PA++.
8. One sample of Lioele Bloomibg Shimmer Pearl Base.
9. Two samples of Lioele Fresh Sun Screen, SPF45/PA++.

Now I haven't used any of the samples yet, but I'm going to be posting a review soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey! So I have put so much thought into were I wanted to go on a trip. By myself. No parents or anything.

And I'm stuck on South Korea or Japan. I really want to go both places, but I sadly can't. I don't no which on to choose. I mean it's so hard to choose.

There are so many good things in both places. But I can't speak Japanese, but I can carry on a conversation Korean. I really don't no what I'm doing. I just felt like telling you guys this.

I'm going to update later. BYEEEE!!!!