Saturday, April 5, 2014

Asian Food and Drink Tasting - Glico Tomato Pretz

Today food tasting is something completely knew for me. I had no intention of trying these, but Eric saw them and wanted me to try them, so I said why not.

Did any of you used to eat the Chicken Biscuits? That is exactly what these taste like. Even though they say tomato flavored.

I like that they come in a box with four packs. And each pack has a decent amount of product in each pouch.

So, I will be buying these again. And for $1.89 a box, its defiantly worth the buy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Asian Food and Drink Tasting - Lotus Seed Moon Cake

I had gone to Lotus Grocery Co. with my mom and dad last month. I have been wanting to try these for a while noe, and I will be doing it for you guys right now.

They have a very pretty design on top of them. It's some kind of Chinese Character(?). Although I am not sure. They are kind of hard, but I broke it in half kind of easily.

They have a kind of paste in the center, which I am guessing is the Lotus Seed paste. It tastes kind of like peanut butter. Which is good. The actual cake itself is not very good. But they taste good together.

So would I buy them again? Yeah. Probably. Ranked on taste I would say a 4 or 5. Ranked on appearance I would say 6 or 7. And they come in a four pack. ^_^

I AM BACK and ready for business!

Hello my beautiful followers. I know that I have been gone for a very long time, but I am back and I am here to stay. For good this time. Now, I can't tell you guys that I will post everyday, but I will post more than once a week, I promise. So with my come back, I am adding two knew things to the blog and my Youtube channel. I hate to self-promote, but could you guys take some time and check out my Youtube channel? Please and Thank You. So back to what I am adding, I origonally started this blog to talk about Asia, Asian makeup and of course Asian Music. And with that in mind, I will be adding Asian Food and Drink Tasting posts as well as K-Pop Korner posts. I will be eating and reviewing Asian food, and of course reviewing K-Pop bands and songs. And the first posts for each will be up tomorrow hopefully, (maybe).

So how have you guys been? Have you been as busy as I have? With my Junior year coming to an end in June, I have been stressing to maintain high grades to make honor roll all year long, and for me that is not easy, but I am trying. I recently took my SAT's for the first time, I didn't score what I needed to for the scholarship that I am trying for. But I have all of next year to take it and I am going too.

Eric and I have been busy with planning our 1 year. And with him that is a lot of work, but somehow I manage. Being with Eric in general is a lot of work. ^_^ And I am trying to talk him into doing the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag, but he's scared and I don't know why. It's just all in fun.

Have you guys been reading anything good lately? I am reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Have any of you read it? I am only on Chapter Two, but I really like it. It's a lot different than what I normally read, but it's a good different.

I recently got a job, so I can spend more on makeup now, although I still have to pay back my mom for the last makeup trip. I didn't stay in my budget even though I used coupons. And I thought that I was better at that now, but I guess not.

Have you ever heard of Lindsey Stirling? She is this awesome Violinist that plays the Violin but it has Dubstep mixed into it and it's pretty awesome. Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling It's a pretty awesome song. I was listening to it while I was writing this post. ^_^

Do you guys have a favorite movie or tv show at the moment? I have been watching a lot of the National Geographic and Animal Planet channels, and I have know idea why. I guess I am just into learning about animals. I really like The Incredible Doctor Pol. I think that show is so cool. I love animals. And I even bought two nanny goats on Monday. They are so cute and their names are Miku and Minnie, and I shall post pictures soon.

I will see you guys later. And I hope you are as excited as I am that I am back to blogging. Love You!!!!