Thursday, August 1, 2013

ALMAY tlc( truly lasting color) 16 Hour Makep Review

Hey guys! I have been dying to try a new foundation. I have a very hard time finding a color that matches, but this one matches perfectly. It is very smooth and creamy. And I believe that you could build it up to full coverage. I don't like to do that because summer causes me to sweat alot, and I find that if I use alot of foundation, I am more acne prone also. The formula is light and I find that you don't need a lot to help cover everything you need to. The color I bought is Ivory/ 120 and it has more pink tones to it.

I find that it blends in really well and doesn't run if you touch it or you are out in the heat for a really long time.

I would probably give this product a 9 out of 10. I say this only cause it is a tad bit more expensive than I would rather pay.

But it is a really good foundation. I would use it again.

Hope this is helpful. ^_^