Monday, December 29, 2014

The Demon Inside

I was playing around over my holiday break and this was actually the first face paint type of thing that I tried to do. I did half of my face as I would normally do my makeup for an everyday type of occasion and the other half is my Demon side. SAdly I only got one picture of the whole look before my phone dies and I took the makeup off. If you have any questions baout the products used, I will write a serpeate post for that. I hope you enjoy.

Steampunk Steamstress

Ello everyone! Today I come to you with a look that I had been trying to do for a very long time. I realize that some of the look is a little messed up, I didn;t have brushes small enough to do the gears in a good way, but I tried.
I used the 12 color conceal and correct pallete from TMart, Black NYX Primal Color eyeshadow in Black, Pop Pallete in Neutral and the 24 piece brush set from Tmart as well. I wanted to include a step by step, but my phone wouldn't cooporate, so this is all i got done. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. Enjoy your holiday.