Friday, August 24, 2012

Makeup Haul

    I have always always wanted to travel for a makeup haul and I think that I just might do it. I have been a fan of The Face Shop, a Korean beauty store, and I found out that there is one in Midtown Manhattan.
     My family and I are traveling to New York some time this year and I really want to stop there. I'm really happy that they have them in the Us, because they don't ship internationally, which is a bummer. I also get a lot of my makeup and stuff from stores close to my home.
      My mother works for Mary Kay Cosmetics and even though their prices are really high, they have some really great product. I use their facial Cleanser and a lot of their acne-treatment products. And of course their makeup is good also. I like to use there lip gloss and eye shadow a lot. Their eyeliner is ok, but it tends to run really easy.
   These are 4 of my favorite lip glosses from Mary Kay and I always stock up on these colors.

1. Fancy Nancy - it's pinkish and sparkly.
2. Icicle - it's clear but also has sparkles in it.
3. Pink Parfait - it's just a really pretty light pink.
4. Au Naturel - it's a browinsh - pinkish and again it has sparkels.

I see a pattern, even though I'm not girly a lot of my makeup and nail polish has sparkles. I think it gives it a slight edge and feminine touch. Now onto eye shadow from Mary Kay. I will again include my 4 favorite shades.

1. Sweet Plum - as the name suggests, it's purple, but it's a really pretty shade.
2. Midnight Star - it's a very pretty medium blue color and looks really good on.
3. Granite - it's like a grayish - brownish and also looks really good on.
4. Silver Satin - it's a really light gray and it looks nice as a base with a darker color on top of it.

     Now I don't often use blush or cheek color, but when I do, I like to use Mary Kay's Mineral Cheek Color and i love the shade Cherry Blossom. It's a light pink and applied on the right spots is not over powering at all.
     And very rarely will you see me with lip stick on. I use it on special occasions and things like that. When I wear it, depending on the occasion, I like a really dark shade or a really light shade. Now with Mary Kay makeup they don't really have any colors I like because they don't have the colors I'm really looking for. It's quite sad. :(
    Mary Kay nail polish is something else that I rarely use, again they don't have colors I like. Now another place I really like to get makeup and Nail polish is a store called Hottopic. There colors are more on the funky side and are all really bright, which I love, or really dark, which I also love. I like Hottopic nail polish because it goes on really smooth and it lasts, which is key in nail polish. I also a really big fan of there eye shadow for the same reasons.
    And lastly another place I get makeup and face products is Walmart. I no, I no. But some of their products are really good for really cheap prices. So there great buys.
      Well that's all for the moment and I will be back later. ByeBye!


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